Introducing IOTA Learn

IOTA Learn is the central repository of all the relevant developer tutorials, getting started guides and frequently asked questions around IOTA and its entire ecosystem. The main purpose of this hub is to make it easy for people completely new to IOTA (and even to Blockchain) to get up to speed with all relevant concepts through hands-on developer tutorials in various languages (Javascript, Python, C#, Java, and more) and difficulty levels. Many of the tutorials on this websites are for interesting focus-areas such as Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Mobility and Health.

This website and all of its tutorials will be largely lead by the community, with the intention of making this learning and creation around IOTA collaborative, fun and engaging. If you are interested in submitting your own tutorial and want to have your creation showcased on the website, please follow the official guide and one of our members will review your submission and get in touch with you.

IOTA Learn will be complementary to the IOTA Blog, which is focused on announcements, vision and more technical blog posts. The IOTA DevHub is for documentation and specification of Core, Libraries and other Tools. These 3 websites will be your main sources of information about IOTA and the Tangle.

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